Five quite random posts

I’m a bit of a fan of the unusual and unexpected, I do like a bit of randomness in life (despite being pretty organised generally). Here are five of my more eclectic blog posts…

New Zealand Toilets
As the country in my experience (though lacking data) that has the greatest number of public toilets per capita, this seemed a good thing to write about. Particularly when they look like this…

Notable stage props of 2015
As well writing this blog I also contribute to the Basement Theatre blog, to support this brilliant theatre in Auckland. This post was one of the first I wrote for them, celebrating creativity when you have no money.

Further afield – South American playgrounds
I took an lot of photos in South America, and some of empty playgrounds as they were pretty cool places in interesting settings (including Patagonia and the Galapogas Islands).

Modern architecture in Georgia
Georgia, the former Soviet country in the heart of the Caucasus, doesn’t obviously spring to mind when you think of modern architecture. It was quite incredible though, home to some of the most stunning buildings I’ve seen.

Running in Iran
I’ve run in some unusual places (where the locals certainly don’t run), including Georgia, Argentina, and SE Asia, but Iran was probably the most unexpected place. It was actually better suited to running than most, with decent pavements, no wild dogs, and not too humid first thing in the morning.

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