Urban sketching – 2014

At the start of 2014 I bought myself an A6 sketchpad and some fine black pens. Four years later, after 130 sketches, I’ve still got space for 30 more. It’s a wonderful record of where I’ve been, and shows improvement over time, though definitely not in a linear fashion! In chronological order here are some from the early days, the enthusiasm apparent in the 71 sketches I did that year.

The third sketch I did of St Marks Church in Newmarket, Auckland.

Quick morning sketch in Timaru, on the South Island with a work trip.

From another work trip, to Palmerston North, I thought this was great at the time. They do get better…


As these from Melbourne a month later hopefully illustrate, felt like I was getting the hang of things.

Thankfully it wasn’t an Australian one off as these from Auckland on my return demonstrate.

Travel as usual inspired some of the better sketches, with a few here from Switzerland and London.

And final couple for the year from a weekend in Wellington.

Posts on later years to come…

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