Modern architecture in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, historic capital city of Georgia, with an Old Town and filled with churches. Not exactly where I expected to find stylish modern architecture. So it was a surprise when I first looked out along the Mtkvari River to see this.DSC06295DSC06519The tubular building was designed as a concert hall but only the exterior is finished. A change of government and priorities has prevented it from being finished, and there is talk of removing it due to a perceived lack of fit with the nearby Old Town across the river.DSC08555 DSC08677 DSC06693 DSC06341 DSC06333 DSC06334

The mushroom like Justice House is home is a one stop shop for civic services. They can be found across Georgia, recognisable by their distinctively modern architecture.DSC06029 Justice House DSC06053 DSC06046A 10km return run along the river took me past modern apartments, a Radisson Hotel, and the Saakashvili Presidential Library.DSC06378 DSC06400 DSC06370 DSC06383The Presidential Residence sits on the hillside overlooking the river in the centre of town.DSC06566 DSC06008Recently opened, the Peace Bridge is impressive by night and day.DSC06321DSC06692 Peace Bridge DSC06423 DSC06697 DSC06695Finally the Institute of Botany was an unexpected sight from the ancient hill top citadel above the Old Town.DSC06527

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