Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire

Wimpole Hall is a huge eighteenth century house, once the home of Rudyard Kipling’s daughter, with gardens by Capability Brown, and some interiors by Sir John Soane.

DSC08749 DSC08752 DSC08745The inside was pretty standard for a house of it’s era, including a particularly ridiculous bed.DSC08768 DSC08770 DSC08765 DSC08774 DSC08777 DSC08788 DSC08782The grounds were the usual mix of formal bedding, a walled garden and a greenhouse, plus an impressive set of stables. They had been converted into all the National Trust essentials – general shop, toilets, book shop, plant shop, cafe, and a toy and fudge store!DSC08800 DSC08781 DSC08801 DSC08811 DSC08812 DSC08817

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