Hello Canberra

“Why are you going to Canberra?!” was the typical reply when I mentioned my travel plans. I quite enjoyed the looks of confused surprise when people heard I was going to the Australian capital for three and a half days.

I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne plenty of times, Perth, Darwin and Brisbane already, and am visiting Adelaide and Alice Springs next month. I’ve spent six years exploring most of New Zealand, it’s not really a good time to go hiking given the unpredictable weather and spring snow melt, and the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Samoa, Rarotonga) were ridiculously expensive.

So when you’re after a long weekend break in early Spring and live in one of the most geographically isolated countries in the world options can be a little limited. Thus Canberra…

There are no direct flights from Auckland. In fact until two days before I went there hadn’t been any international flights for about fifteen years. Singapore Airlines though have just started a Singapore – Canberra – Wellington route linking the capitals. Another option is to drive about three hours from Sydney to Canberra.

Didn’t have the greatest start to the trip, with a three and a half hour stopover in Sydney due to flight delays, a ten minute taxi ride from Canberra airport into town costing $27, and finding the YHA located above a surprisingly noisy bar for a Thursday night in downtown Canberra.

However I’m happy to report that Canberra is a delightful place!

Some more specific posts to follow but here’s a bit of a taster of what Canberra has to offer…

The endless and varied shores of the man-made Lake Burley Griffth.dsc01487 dsc01944 dsc02874 dsc01938 dsc02272

An awesome pop up container park at Westside Acton Park, sadly less busy than it deserves to be.dsc01585 dsc01580

The hugely powerful Australian War Memorial, quite possibly better than the Imperial War Museum in London.

dsc02069 dsc02075

Reached by the epic ANZAC Avenue, home to numerous war memorials.dsc02124 dsc02917

Striking if often rather brutalistic civic architecture at the High Court, National Art Gallery and National Carillon.dsc02725 dsc02722 dsc02170

More sensitive / eclectic architecture at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra Airport and the endearingly crazy National Museum of Australia.dsc02750 dsc03087 dsc01841

Street art and public sculptures scattered around the city, particularly in the City Centre / Civic area.dsc01602 dsc01423

More funky modern architecture, much of it residential as the apartment boom seen elsewhere in Australia has reached Canberra.dsc01650 dsc01430

Numerous references to the red centre of Australia at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, along ANZAC Avenue, and outside the Australian Parliament Building.dsc01736 dsc02964 dsc02205

Easily accessible (by road or foot) scenic views from Mount Ainslie, Black Mountain Nature Reserve (from the Telstra Tower) and Red Hill.dsc02027 dsc01773-city-centre dsc02570

Two parliaments, a Provisional Parliament used for 61 years, replaced in 1988 by the enormous 4,500 room Australian Parliament Building.dsc02236 dsc02190 dsc02776

Finally, Floriade, the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere, free entry and over a million bulbs in the beautiful setting of Centennial Park.dsc01513 dsc01525


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