Sightings between Adelaide and Alice Springs

During nearly two weeks on the road from Adelaide to Alice Springs there were quite a few random sightings not captured in my other posts which might be of interest.

You get some pretty big trucks out here, road trains up to 53m long, weighting up to 160 tonnes.dsc05592 dsc05589

I liked this UTE on top of a truck on top of a trailer pulled by an even bigger truck, with room to spare for a container. One of three trailers behind the truck above!dsc05597

Good thing the roads are pretty flat and straight, though the landscape is usually less green. They’ve already had three and half times their usual annual rainfall this year, and are expected to reach five times. So much for the dead, red outback!dsc05604 dsc05576

Mount Connor looks a little like and is relatively close to but definitely isn’t Uluru, but still pretty impressive.dsc05898 dsc05912

Ochre pits near Lyndhurst, source of pigment for aboriginal paintings. The colours reminded me of Rotorua without the boiling mud or smell of sulphur.dsc05054

Someone clearly didn’t like the information on this board judging by the bullet holes.dsc05248

Huge open cast coal mine at Leigh Creek, recently shut down with the closure of the coal power station in Port Augusta.dsc05006-leigh-creek-open-cast-coal-mine

Parachilna, home to some of the oldest fossils in the world, and little else…dsc04987

There were a surprising number of people in the Northern Flinders Ranges (500km north of Adelaide) travelling by bike. It’s a pretty dull experience by car travelling at 110km, let alone at 15km cycling into a head wind.dsc05003

Wild horses checking out the public facilities in Lyndhurst.dsc05041

There are plenty of wild camels in the outback, and a few, easier to photograph, tame ones.dsc06673 dsc05658

Unusually attractive and smart road side services in Coober Pedy.dsc05264

Remains of a few animals, a huge cactus and shower block at the Curtin Springs roadhouse.dsc05925 dsc05918 dsc05915-curtin-springs-roadhouse

Double sided signage for the border crossing from South Australia to the Northern Territory.dsc05621 dsc05623

You wouldn’t want to break down out here. Long walk to the next emergency telephone…dsc05627

To finish with some rather nice flowers spotted on my travels, mostly native and in full bloom after an unusually wet winter.dsc04209 dsc05716 dsc06391 dsc06527 dsc03879 dsc05195 dsc04296 dsc04212

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