Least popular posts of 2016

For whatever reason these posts weren’t very popular. At all. Blogging can be quite unpredictable it seems. I still quite like them though and perhaps this might give them a second lease of life. Here are the least popular post of 2016 (based on visits, some of these were posted pre-2016 but WordPress filters are a little limited)…

1. Further Afield – Singapore
Popular place, not a very popular post. It’s pretty short but has photos of wild boars, city models and a house with a fireplace, what’s not to like?DSC_0326

2. Cultural Highlights – October / November 2015
Not many takers for a couple of months in my cultural life it seems. Who could resist this cute pair of stone sculptures I carved? Clearly lots of people…IMG_25363. Regular Auckland Events
One of my first blog posts. I can understand it’s lack of popularity, Auckland Festivals is a much better post on a similar topic.

4. Snowshill Manor, Cotswolds
A very eccentric National Trust house, filled with samurai. I might have overdone it with the number of photos included though.DSC09192

5. Cultural Highlights – August / September 2015
I rather like writing these cultural highlights posts, they’re generally among my longest, but not many takers for them. Which is partly why I’ve not written many recently. That and lacking the time to write so much.DSC03408

6. Adelaide Street Art
The least popular of my usually quite popular posts on street art around the world.dsc04450

7. Further Afield Culture – Books on Japan
A pretty niche post, but handy if you’re interested in Japan.Blog Japan Books

8. Australian War Memorial and ANZAC Parade
Was disappointed with the reception to this, a pretty epic post about a pretty amazing building and parade in Australia’s capital.dsc02069

9. Further Afield – Perth
Perth isn’t regarded as a particularly exciting place and don’t think I changed anyone’s views with this post.DSC_2387

10. Botanical Art
One of my favourite posts of the year, I like what I produced, but title is somewhat underwhelming if accurate.dsc07112

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