Roys Peak, Wanaka

An understandably popular day walk starting just ten minutes from the centre of Wanaka, Roys Peak is a technically super easy, physically reasonably challenging track up to the 1,578m summit.dsc_0864

You don’t need to walk far to get stunning views back toward Wanaka and the lake.dsc_0875 dsc_0877 dsc_0882 dsc_0890

But the higher you go the better they get.dsc_0910 dsc_0916 dsc_0930 dsc_0938

Before reaching the top for panoramic views in every direction.

dsc_0952 dsc_0967 dsc_0969 dsc_0976

Loved the colour of the lake on the way down.dsc_0987 dsc_0993

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