Lake Tekapo & Lake Pukaki

Yes, the lake really is that colour. Despite visiting Lake Tekapo three times it still amazes me every time, particularly in contrast to the dry, yellow landscape.dsc_0779dsc_0698 dsc_0614 dsc_0622 dsc_0626 dsc_0627 dsc_0629

The town is a bit of a building site atm, but improvements can only go so far when some of the best views of the lake are from behind the Four Square supermarket. Yet again NZ town planning completely fails to do justice to amazing natural beauty.dsc_0756

Still they have a rather snazzy new bridge, leading over to the ever popular Church of the Good Shepard. Here fake wedding photos outnumber real weddings (though saw both this time). The in thing is for tourists to fly to New Zealand with their wedding outfits to get those properly photogenic wedding album photos.dsc_0763 dsc_0761 dsc_0734dsc_0768 dsc_0747

The neighbouring Mount John provides the best vantage point over the town, though now at a cost of $8 (it was free pre November 2015). There is a strategically positioned cafe among the many observatories, this is the best place in New Zealand to see the stars.dsc_0688 dsc_0689dsc_0693 dsc_0690

Lake Tekapo is also a rather good spot for sunsets, as some clouds unexpectively appeared from a blue sky day.dsc_0801

Half an hour up the road from Lake Tekapo is another stunning spot, Lake Pukaki. There’s not much here other than the views, including on a clear day of Mt Cook at the end of the lake. I’ve been here three times in summer though and have yet to have a clear day!dsc_0673 dsc_0674 dsc_0677 dsc_0643 dsc_0667

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5 thoughts on “Lake Tekapo & Lake Pukaki

  1. Wow these are wonderful view indeed!
    That’s what we like about New Zealand. Its faulous vistas, clean air…
    One thing though is that we hear it has more sheeps than people. We did not see evidence of that though when we visited!

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