Golestan Palace, Tehran

Built in the late 1800s Golestan Palace in Tehran combines traditional Persian architectural styles with a strong French influence. It’s a sizeable complex, now home to a dozen museums.The palace is set around a substantial courtyard and gardens with pools of green water, green lamps, bird song, and taped music.

There were some wonderful tile covered exteriors all round the complex.

Behind huge white curtains lies the marble throne veranda, complete with said throne and a dazzling array of mirrors. This was a taster for the even more bling Hall of Mirrors inside where unfortunately photography is not allowed. The modern building behind is an unfortunate addition.

Outside the exit to the Hall of Mirrors gives you an idea of how over the top some of the interior decoration was (though consistent with some of the shrines I saw elsewhere in Iran).

In a corner alcove area was the tomb of one of the Shahs (Iranian word for king), a tranquil tile covered area.

Further round was the then tallest building in Tehran, a five story structure complete with another mirror covered veranda.

Some elaborate stone work to finish with.

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