Jame Atiq Mosque and Mausoleum of Shah Cheragh, Shiraz

The main mosque in Shiraz is a wonderful place, filled with beautiful architecture and decoration, with a real sense of atmosphere at any time of day or night. Travelling through Iran has made me appreciate what a hub of the community mosques are, as places to relax and enjoy, a contrast from the greater formality and occasion of churches.

Entering through the main gate brings you into a huge courtyard, with intricate brick and tile work, and a fish shaped sculpture.

This is a warm up for the quite stunning tile covered gate.

Which brings you out into the main courtyard, and the Mausoleum of Shah Cheragh. Non Muslims are not allowed in the shrine itself but the exterior is plenty to feast your eyes (and camera) on.

All around the courtyard is yet more beautiful architecture.

Even the washing area was elaborately decorated.

In the corner by the exit is the Mausoleum of Sayyad Mir Mohammed, similar in style to the other mausoleum but smaller in scale.

I visited the mosque four times in two days. The highlight, other than the first visit, was the last when I spent a couple of hours as the sun set and the mosque was lit up.

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