Known as Iceland’s second city, despite it being the fourth largest, Akureyri is a diverting spot for a few hours, though not much more. It does have a beautiful setting though, on the shores of a rather large fjord in Northern Iceland.

Akureyri Museum
A good place to start as the permanent exhibition downstairs covers the history of the town, built on the fishing industry. Upstairs was a fascinating collection of old maps of Iceland, before they had fully charted the country, with various sea monsters featuring rather prominently. Brynja ice cream
Down the road from the museum was this highly rated ice cream place, though I wasn’t a fan. It was soft ice cream, probably better accessorised with sweets.

Rather pleasant botanical gardens, with plenty of colour in July.

Akureyri Cathedral
Designed by the same architect as the amazing Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik, the city cathedral is an impressive slab of concrete, though annoyingly and some what oddly it was closed when I visited on a Sunday.

The city arts centre, a rather snazzy building down by the waterfront. Historic buildings
The main draw card for me of Akureyri were the many historic buildings, some maintained better than others, but all attractive and of a certain style.

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  1. It’s funny how we imagine Iceland to be a place without flowers. They’re beautiful. Strange about the church. It looks as though there may be remnants of graffiti to either side of the door. And yes the historic architecture is charming. Thank you 😊

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