Santiago street art

Unlike most places that have surprised me with their street art I was expecting street art in Santiago, it struck me for some reason as the sort of place that would have lots. It did have a fair amount, but less than expected in general. There were some large scale examples in the city, with exquisite paint work on the last two below from the upmarket Barrio Lastarria.

I found a couple near Cementerio General de Santiago north of the city centre.

But the place to really find it is Barrio Bellavista, which had plenty from this building site by the Costanera Nte through to Cerro San Cristobal.

Author: jontycrane

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  1. Happy 2018!
    Such a pity we did not stay over in Santiago when we were on the way to Easter island… definitely will head back some day when we do Chile in much more detail!

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