Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

The port for the Aysen region of Chile, Puerto Chacabuco is a small, evocative place, surrounded by sea, lakes, misty forested hills, and snow capped mountains. We anchored in the bay, with a short tender ride taking us ashore.

Beyond the scenery the shipwreck of the Vina del Mar was the first thing that caught my eye, with it’s rusting remains also proving handy to tie small boats to.

The town itself is pretty rough and poor judging by the state of the housing, despite the presence of the Chilean Navy in town. I suspect many people live an hour and a half inland in the far larger and developed Coyhaique, capital of the region.

The other side of town from the harbour is a lake offering more scenic views.

There were some unusual cloud formations in the morning, which with some contrast turned into some wonderfully abstract and moody images.

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