Lake Mulwala and Albury

Half way between Albury and Echuca, Lake Mulwala was an unexpected sight. It’s a man made reservoir on the Murray River created through the construction of a weir in 1939. I’ve never seen a lake filled with dead trees, quite erie and magical.

Albury is by far the largest town on the river and an appealing place, filled with heritage buildings, including an impressive train station, and some music related street art. This was one of the original reasons for the town’s size as New South Wales and Victoria used different gauge railways until 1962. At the border crossing everything had to be removed from trains from one state and reloaded onto trains from the other state, madness!

Monument Hill is home to an impressive war memorial (a very common sight in Australia) and views over the city.

Albury Botanic Gardens were a very pleasant place for a stroll, and the nearby banks of the Murray River good for an evening run.

The nearby Wonga Wetlands were quite lovely, with reflections of trees on the still waters.

On route to Albury from Canberra was Gungadai, home to more heritage buildings, and views from the town lookout. Plus the final photo is of a lovely building in Yass, before Gungadai.

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