Bealey Spur Track & Triangle Peak

One of my favourite walks in the Arthur’s Pass area, Bealey Spur is also one of the easier and safer ones, but still rewards with stunning views.

Starting from the small collection of baches (Kiwi holiday homes) at Bealey Spur, 15 mins drive south of Arthur’s Pass, the track headed upwards more gently than most in the area, but still continuously upward through the bush (muddy in places), with occasional views off to the sides.

Half way along the track a lookout provides 180 degree views of the Waimakariri River joining with the Bealy River coming from Arthur’s Pass.

Heading into open tussock there are views (but no track access to) the tranquil alpine lakes below.

Bealey Top Hut is an historic sheep musterers’ hut, dating from 1935. A wonderful place to look inside but not sure I’d want to spend the night there, the place reeked of smoke from the fire.

An unmarked but pretty obvious trail heads another 300m up the hillside to the 1,545m Triangle Peak which was the perfect place for a spot of lunch, enjoying the near silence and expansive views, including of Avalanche Peak which I tackled a couple of days previous.

As a bonus there were paragliders launching below, looked like great fun.

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