Understandably one of the most popular places in Macedonia, on the shores of one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes, Ohrid is a very pleasant place. The lake front setting provides interest at any time of day.

The old town is a joy to explore on foot, with many Byzantium style churches, the most photographed being the cliff top Church of St. John at Kaneo.

Just down from here is the charmingly small Nativity of the Holy Mother of God, and walkways around the bottom of the cliffs.

Back up the hillside at Plaoshnik are the remains of the first university in Europe, dating from the 10th century, where the cyrillic alphabet was created. The rebuilt church of St. Pantelejmon on the site is a guess based on the footprint of the original.

The best views of the town can be found from Tsar Samuel’s Fortress.

Down the road are the Upper Gates marking the entrance to the old town, next to a number of churches includes the Church Mother of God Peibleptos.

The oldest church in town is Saint Sophia, dating back to the 10th century.

The Ancient Theatre is truely ancient, the only surviving Hellenistic theater in Macedonia. Close by are a number of mosaics.

About 45 mins down the road is the Sveti Naum Monastery, by springs that feed into the lake, an idyllic spot (other than the peacocks perhaps…).

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