Urban sketching – 2018

Despite being one of my favourite travel pastimes, and travelling more in 2018 than I’ve ever done before, I only found time for 24 sketches this year, a third in Papua New Guinea and a third in Central America. I was pretty happy with the general quality though, and only have half a dozen pages left to fill my small A6 sketch book at some point in 2019.

My favourite sketches of the year were done in Pakistan, mainly in the Kalash Valleys where we had time to unwind and spend time with this unique culture.

I found time for a couple in the Balkans.

And in my month in South America time for a few more.

Central America (Guatemala, Belize and Mexico) was a good spot for sketching though most of these are from photos unfortunately. I lacked the opportunity to draw from life in places such as the Mayan sites due to shortage of time.

I’ve previously posted all my sketches from Papua New Guinea but here are my favourites.

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