Sabah Tea Resort

The perfect spot to relax after summiting Mt Kinabalu, Sabah Tea Resort is a tranquil place near Ranau, in the foothills of the mountain.

I stayed in one of two replica longhouses. They’re not originally from this part of Borneo, but still made an evocative place to spend the night, though I was glad to have a room to myself, would have been tight with three people…

The grounds were rather lovely, with lots of beautiful flowers, and a couple of pieces of artwork.

Across the road were fields of tea across the undulating landscape.

Just up the road was the moving Quailey Hill Memorial, dedicated to one of the victims of the infamous Sandakan Death Marches, who was killed by the Japanese near this spot.

Further up the road was the resort restaurant, with great views as the sun set over the landscape and Mt Kinabalu in the distance.

There were more views the next day with low cloud adding atmosphere.

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