Simien Mountains part 2

One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited, the Simien Mountains offer stunning views for relatively little effort, with 3,000m high escarpments towering over the lowlands below.

On my second day there we went for a walk along the escarpment, offering quite epic views of the landscape below.

There were some interesting looking trees along the way.

It wasn’t long before we were incredibly close to a family of Gelada baboons.

This crow was nicely framed against the perfect blue sky.

Many of the trees were covered in lichen, quite unexpected given the dry and warm climate. During the rainy season June to September though there is a huge amount of rainfall, allowing it to grow.

Our guide and a couple of armed scouts, more for job creation for the locals than to address any real danger.

More views of the epic landscape below.

There were many crows flying around the escarpment, beautiful to watch at often eye level, if a little tricky to photograph well.

At the end of our walk we visited a village at the beckoning of a 61 year old local lady who demonstrated how coffee is made in Ethiopia. The beans are roasted and ground, quite a lot of effort when done by hand, resulting in a super strong cup of black liquid.

Back at Limalimo Lodge I spent a wonderful hour sat at the end of the lookout taking photos of the passing and circling birds, eagles and vultures.

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