Auckland Gigs

Auckland may be at the end of the world but that doesn’t seem to stop big name bands from around the world visiting, particularly during the summer for some reason…

We tend to get them after Australia, by when any snags have been worked through. Here’s the main venues in order of size and who has played there recently…

Rolling Stones, Mt Smart
Rolling Stones, Mt Smart

Mt Smart (Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Coldplay) – slightly odd location in middle of industrial Penrose but gets the biggest acts, factor in a long walk to get to your seats or toilets though
Western Springs (Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam) – nice natural amphitheatre in the park if not the most comfortable seating

Arctic Monkeys, Vector Arena
Arctic Monkeys, Vector Arena
Vector Arena (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Robert Plant, Black Keys, Morrissey, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool) – venue of choice, new facilities and great sound
Civic Theatre (Nick Cave, Ryan Adams, Garbage) – beautiful venue if not particularly well suited to bands due to lack of room to boogie
Aotea Centre (Rodriguez, Ben Harper) – as above, better suited to opera or dance really
Kimbra, Powerstation
Kimbra, Powerstation

Powerstation (Kimbra, Television, Bloc Party) – cool little venue with balcony though don’t forget your ID
Studio, K Road (KT Tunstall, Gary Numan) – slightly random venue, long and thin, avoid getting stuck in the doorway at the back
Tuning Fork (Ben Ottewell, Wagons) – new venue attached to the Vector, cool bar if rather narrow by stage
Kings Arms (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Mick Harvey) – loudest venue I’ve been to, ear plugs might be handy

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  1. Is there an equivalent to the pub-band scene in UK cities where local bands starting out can cut their teeth in very small venues before, hopefully, movibg on to bigger and better things?

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