New Zealand waterfalls

Plentiful mountains, rivers and rainfall mean you’re rarely far away from waterfalls wherever you are in New Zealand. Here’s some of my favourites…

Milford Track
Home to the Sutherland Falls, the highest waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere, and when it rains (which is does most days as the third wettest place in the world) there are waterfalls literally everywhere. If water cascading off mountains thousands of metres high is your thing then this is the Great Walk for you.


Milford Road & Milford Sound
If spending four days tramping the Milford Track doesn’t appeal you can still enjoy the splendour of Fjordland from the comfort of a car / bus / boat. When raining there are some impressive falls by the Milford tunnel, a short detour to the Chasm is well worth taking, as is the detour to see the Hidden Falls, and the Sounds themselves are home to Stirling Falls and Fairy Falls (which most boats will head into for the full immersion experience).


Earland Falls
One of the many highlights of the Routeburn Track, with the track running along the base of the 178m high Earland Falls. There are also nice falls by the imaginatively named Routeburn Falls Hut.


Rainbow Falls
These aren’t the highest falls but are very scenic, and very accessible by a short walk or drive from Kerikeri.


There are many, many more waterfalls, check out

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