Further afield – Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Understandably the most popular national park in Chile, home to the famous three granite peaks of the Paine mountains, numerous glaciers, many beautiful lakes of varying shades of blue, and some of the world’s greatest walks.

After the patchy weather of Argentinian Patagonia (non-stop rain in El Chalten and Boxing Day snow in El Calefate) it was a relief to get near perfect weather for walking to Base Las Torres, an 18km return walk from Los Torres campsite. The scenic snow covering the mountains made up for a very cold night in the tent, despite wearing three pairs of socks, thermals, six layers of merino, a hat and ski gloves!


Heading up a ridge along the Ascencio Valley helped get some warmth back in the system.

DSC09879 DSC09779 DSC09814 DSC09808

Warmth turned to heat in the cloudless sunshine and 400m in 1km steep and rocky ascent to the Base de las Torres lookout.


The effort was worth it though for about the most scenic lunch spot possible, if an extremely busy one.

DSC09837 DSC09849 DSC09860 DSC09867

On the way back I took a detour via the shortcut to the Los Cuernos Shelter, adding at least another 4km onto the walk, but entirely worthwhile for the stunning view of Nordenskjold Lake.

DSC09916 DSC09933 DSC09902 DSC09937 DSC09938

More stunning views of the lake the next day on a 32km return walk to Frances Shelter. Morning rain turned to the perfect mix of sun and clouds for interesting textures on the landscape.

DSC00007 DSC09996 DSC09980 DSC00016 DSC09970 DSC09976

Hoped to head onto Frances Lookout, or even Britanico Lookout (44km return trip) but the persistent cloud over the mountains thickened and it started to rain, so I decided to turn back. Before leaving to return though the clouds parted long enough for me to see Frances Glacier and a decent waterfall.



Next day headed out of the park via Salto Grande waterfall, with more stunning views of the mountains.

DSC00185 DSC00194 DSC00221 DSC00202 DSC00196 DSC00192 DSC00160 DSC00122 DSC00259

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