A month in Auckland

Selection of photos from a pretty typical month in Auckland, filled with theatre, art, exploring and festivals plus deconstructed buildings and a New Zealand citizenship ceremony.

To start with the most photogenic, from a cycle through the CBD (via the funky new pink cycleway) and along the waterfront by the beautiful Hauraki Gulf.

DSC03587 DSC03579 DSC03699 DSC03691 DSC03748

Wasn’t overwhelmed by Space to Dream: Recent Art from South America, Auckland Art Gallery’s new exhibition, but there were a few standout pieces…

IMG_3185 IMG_3182 IMG_3181 IMG_3164 Space to Dream Recent Art from South America Auckland Art Gallery IMG_3171 IMG_3174

Hard to beat nature really though when you have trees like this next in Albert Park, next to Auckland Art Gallery…

IMG_3204 Albert Park

Spent most of one weekend at the Auckland Writer’s Festival, at 14 events, include a panel discussion on immigration, held in the Auckland Town Hall (to which I will return soon), and a couple of events with Bill Oddie of all people…

IMG_3145 IMG_3163 Bill Oddie Auckland Art Gallery

Most disappointing event of the month goes to Cat Power at the Powerstation. Worst case of stage nerves I’ve ever seen, clearly uncomfortable for her, and uncomfortable for us, bit of a lose-lose situation, other than making money from the tickets.


A far better experience was the quite brilliant Dido and Aeneas, a proper opera in the Basement, my favourite theatre. Despite being sung in English still had no idea what was going on but loved the performances and staging.

IMG_3217 IMG_3193

Next to the Basement is / was the Globe, or at least a replica of the Globe. After a hugely successful three month run it’s now being taken down.

IMG_3202 IMG_3198

As was part of the St. James Theatre (or the building next to it, hard to tell), to be replaced with a shiny apartment block.

IMG_3159 St James Theatre

Opposite which was a local cultural group having their photos taken…


Finally a return to the Auckland Town Hall for my New Zealand citizenship ceremony. After six years I’m now an official kiwi, along with people from 51 other countries at the ceremony.

DSC03754 Auckland Town Hall DSC03818

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a kiwi, did you have to make a pavlova? I love the photographs of the cycle path very artistic.

      1. Congrats kiwi Jonty !! Adidas Run Club like using the cycle path for runs on Tuesday evenings… keep an eye on their Facebook page

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