Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter

PBeyond the North Wharf area of Wynyard Quarter lies the fabulously industrial and quirky Silo Park, not your normal public space! The industrial past has been reused to project free films onto during the summer, provide a canvas for inspirational quotes, and host art exhibitions below.

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My favourite part of the park is this bridge to nowhere, offering views of the area and a structure I’ve not found elsewhere.

DSC05509 DSC05517 DSC05516 DSC05521 DSC05549 DSC05561

The Wind Tree by Michio Ihara used to live in the unloved, and soon to be drastically transformed, Queen Elizabeth Square at the bottom of Queen St. It’s found a much better home at the entrance to Silo Park.


This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen the basketball court not heaving!


Next door is a pretty cool playground. They certainly didn’t look like this when I was growing up!


More of the, to my eyes, beautiful silos, and some handy concrete block covers!

DSC05554 DSC05540 DSC05538

Not quite reached Paris levels yet with the padlocks but it is a romantic spot, looking over Westhaven Harbour, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, toward the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

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How cool are these slides and water play areas! I have to admit to having a go on the big slide, great fun!

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The Wynyard Quarter area is still very much a work in progress five years on from its opening. There’s at least another 10-15 years of development ahead.


The combination of water, boats, apartments and views of the city will remain though.


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