Chiswick House, London

One of the first Palladian buildings in Britain, Chiswick House is less of a house (there was no kitchen) and more of an art gallery for Lord Burlington’s extensive art collection. It’s a strikingly designed building, quite unique in the country at the time.

DSC05900 DSC05906 DSC05901DSC05899 DSC05897 DSC05891Photography unfortunately is not allowed inside, but I can say that it is tastefully lavish, with a huge domed central room, and side rooms including the appropriately named blue velvet room.

There are extensive grounds around the house, an oasis of green close to central London, if underneath the flight path to Heathrow. They include everything you’d expect, a huge greenhouse, statues on pillars, and an Ionic Temple by a reflecting pool.

DSC05928 DSC05931 DSC05932 DSC05941 DSC05944 DSC05948

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