Random sights in Georgia

Georgia is a beautiful country I loved visiting. I saw a few strange things in my ten days there though, here are a few of them…

Cows in the roads were a common hazard when travelling off the main highways. I never saw an accident but the second photo below suggests one that I only noticed when looking through my photos. Thankfully some cows were more observant when crossing roads…DSC08372DSC08370 DSC07351The main city of Tbilisi provided a number of sights including some cunning car storage, the steepest wheelchair ramps I’ve ever seen, well-marked road works, statues of someone jumping off a bridge, a coffee mug shaped car, a main road over historic ruins, and a couple of stretched limos!DSC06110 DSC06324 DSC06325 DSC06360DSC06726DSC06587DSC08563DSC08566A better idea are these kiosks found around the country, offering people without internet the ability to access online banking and other public services.DSC06668Spotted a few footwear options at markets in Mtskheta and Kutaisi.DSC06876 DSC07114The Kutaisi markets also catered to those interesting in large quantities of cheese and meat.DSC07120 DSC07117 DSC07118Also spotted in Kutaisi was a sign post to a bunch of pretty random places and a slightly dodgy looking staircase.DSC07134 DSC07095Further along the road a toilet break was enlivened by the sight of a couple of burnt out trucks.DSC06906 DSC06901More roadside interest in some questionable pottery.DSC08114 DSC08117Finally some sensitive architecture in Ushguli, fitting in well with the thousand-year old stone towers of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thankfully the plan is to tidy up the village by 2018 with exteriors more in keeping with the historic buildings.DSC07815 DSC07854

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