Canberra architecture

Architecture fans are in for a treat in Canberra, with a large number of interesting buildings in a small area, with surprising variety and heritage for a city only a hundred years old (which didn’t really grow until the 1950s).

One of the most famous and striking is the domed Academy of Science, surrounded by a reflective moat.dsc01661 dsc01656 dsc01669

The National Carillon is pretty brutalistic but soften by its surroundings on Aspen Island.dsc02158 dsc02170

Canberra Airport is rather flash, though only operates at 40% of capacity, and only has one international flight (Singapore – Canberra – Wellington).dsc03087 dsc03085 dsc01397

The Australian National University clearly isn’t short of funds for striking buildings.dsc01700 dsc01694 dsc01696 dsc01706 dsc01690 dsc01679

There are obviously lots of Government buildings, including the Treasury and others.dsc02265 dsc02147

As with most Australian cities Canberra is in the midst of an apartment boom, with some exciting ones near Acton, and more pedestrian if water and restaurant fronted ones at Kingston Foreshore.dsc01650 dsc01645 dsc01619 dsc01614 dsc01609 dsc01606 dsc02312

Westside Acton Park was a highlight, amazing what can be done with shopping containers and some imagination.dsc01585 dsc01580 dsc01588

The city centre wasn’t Sydney or Melbourne but offered a few interesting office buildings.dsc01430 dsc01404 dsc01444

The National Capital Exhibition is nicely sited by Lake Burley Griffth, and offers the history behind the various sites proposed for the capital before Canberra was eventually chosen.dsc01549-national-capital-exhibition

It says something about the relatively young age of Canberra, little more than fields when it became the Australian capital in 1913, that there isn’t a national Cathedral. There are however a handful of attractive churches, in particular the rather lovely and very English St. John’s, just off ANZAC Parade.dsc02941 dsc02927-st-johns-church dsc02931 dsc02934 dsc02926

The Serbian Orthodox Church (there are 4,000 Serbs in Canberra apparently) was a little gem, with a beautifully painted interior, if also a no photography policy.dsc02603

St. Andrews was more interesting from a distance, it’s compromised nature more evident up close, I preferred the Greek Orthodox Church near Kingston Foreshore.dsc02615-st-andrews-church dsc02619-greek-orthodox-church

Few randoms to finish with. The cafe at top of Red Hill, Chinese gardens by Lake Burley Griffth, random building, the historic Calthorpes House, a bridge across the lake, and the Canberra Theatre Centre.dsc02574 dsc02526 dsc02558 dsc02593 dsc01565 dsc01956

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