I was expecting a bigger version of Christchurch and found a smaller version of Melbourne, complete with giant sports stadiums downtown, a vibrant arts scene, a river side setting, beautiful heritage buildings and funky modern architecture. I only had about thee hours to explore the place but I’m a quick explorer, and expect to return sometime.

To be honest my first impressions were not great. First I drove along South Road on my way to Wilpena Pound, which made Auckland’s Great South Road seem charming in comparison (which it really isn’t). On my return to Adelaide I walked in the rain and cold from the station to the YHA quite uninspired.

It was amazing the transformation sunshine and finding the right parts of town brought though, as I excitedly explored the CBD and wandered along by the Torrens River. I hit payday on North Terrace, from the original and newer Parliament buildings along to the University of Adelaide, so many beautiful colonial heritage buildings, and I found more elsewhere later on.dsc04596 dsc04577dsc04588 dsc04592 dsc04602 dsc04629 dsc04566 dsc04546 dsc04526 dsc04517 dsc04506 dsc04505dsc04501 dsc04492 dsc04479 dsc04839 dsc04834

North Terrace was also home to a number of war memorials, with WW1 having it’s usual prominence over other wars.dsc04549 dsc04560

One patch of lawn appeared particularly attractive to pigeons…dsc04572

I loved the Art Gallery of South Australia, with it’s fascinating and varied collection, housed in a beautiful building, compete with the usual modern extension to house the cafe and shop.dsc04583dsc04611 dsc04615 dsc04688 dsc04651dsc04675

Modern art had been let loose in some of the traditional rooms, including dead horses, nailed statues and the disturbing dioramas of the Chapman Brothers.dsc04646 dsc04655 dsc04660

There were also interesting pieces from Asia, and haunting work from Australia’s display at the last Venice Biennale.dsc04631dsc04684

There was plenty of modern architecture in the CBD, a mixed bag as ever with glass prominent but some attractive buildings.dsc04816 dsc04604 dsc04502 dsc04489

The Torrens River provides an pleasant setting in the middle of the city.dsc04719 dsc04748

Across the river from the CBD are the typically Australian huge sport stadiums of the Oval, not far from the Cathedral.dsc04721 dsc04723

Heading into Botanic Park the trees were full of bats.dsc04751

The Botanic Gardens were lovely, with an impressive modern greenhouse containing a tropical rainforest, but I preferred the gorgeous Victorian style Palm house.dsc04797 dsc04760 dsc04764 dsc04791 dsc04790

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