Quorn, South Australia

Quorn is a small service town for the Northern Flinders Ranges, somewhere you wouldn’t usually spend long in, but it made for a pleasant hour strolling around enjoying some beautiful buildings, including this stunning Town Hall.dsc05144 dsc05145 dsc05148

The Catholic Church was equally lovely.dsc05155 dsc05158

We stayed in The Mill, now a motel.dsc05217

Quorn is famous (or at least best known for) the Pichi Richi railway, who occasionally run historic trains on the remains of the old Ghan line, since rerouted 200km to the west. Quorn Station was an attractive building, with a huge grain silo across the tracks from it.dsc05120 dsc05137

I loved the heritage commercial buildings…dsc05116 dsc05185 dsc05180 dsc05117 dsc05191

…and the many heritage homes remaining.dsc05152 dsc05153 dsc05173 dsc05177 dsc05179 dsc05200 dsc05202 dsc05204 dsc05205 dsc05207 dsc05208 dsc05105

To finish with some colourful flowers!dsc05194 dsc05196

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