Auckland Theatre Awards 2016

What makes a great awards ceremony? Now in its eighth year the Auckland Theatre Awards (Monday 5th December) ticks all the boxes…

The Civic is the most fabulous building in the country, a beautiful 1920s atmospheric theatre. Underneath the auditorium is The Wintergarden, a welcoming cocoon of blue, red and gold, complete with a bar nearly the width of the room. Only open for events or on a tour, seeing this beauty is worth the price of admission alone.Civic Theatre IMG_1909

Making a stunning hosting debut last year, Kura Forrester returns for the sequel, no doubt more Empire Strikes Back than Phantom Menace. It’ll make a fitting segue for her between the absurdist drama of Silo’s Perplex and comic extravaganza of the Basement’s The Night Before Christmas.

Something for everyone here, including the critics excellence awards, lifetime achievement award, newcomers award, and a multiple of people’s choice awards. What’s not like about giving awards for best entrance, best nudity, best death, and best pash (sounds like a good show!). You can vote for your favourites here.

Based on my experience last year if the awards were a show they’d be one of the funniest of the year. Enjoy comedy, song, dance, skits, the critics best barbs, and competitive directing.

Dress code
There’s a traditional formal option for those wanting to bring out their inner Bond, or indulge your imagination with the option of Shakespeare with a twist. Hopefully it’ll be less nightmare inducing than last year’s gender swapping Annie or Sam Snedden’s walking nativity scene.

All done in a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time for uninterrupted partying or school night bedtime. The Oscars could learn a lot…

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