Alice Springs street art and lights

Proving that you can find street art pretty much everywhere these days I found a fair amount in Alice Springs. There was one wall in particular that impressed with a sci-fi camel, robotic eagle, scary parrot, giant snail, alien flowers and a local fella.dsc06856 dsc06855 dsc06857 dsc06860 dsc06862 dsc06861 dsc06854

There was a somewhat surreal montage by the old Stuart Town (Alice’s previous name) Gaol featuring camels and police cars.dsc06826

The building site for the new Supreme Court of the Northern Territory had a few basic but effective works.dsc06842 dsc06840

As did shutters to a closed shop in the evening.dsc06717 dsc06716

My backpackers had some by a chess set of sand filled bottles.dsc06729

More educational than artistic but this was a pretty handy map of Australia. I’ve done a fair amount of the place now, but hoping to get to Kakadu and along the west coast from Perth to Broome at some point.dsc06741

Few more random finds around town.dsc06852 dsc06744 dsc06875 dsc06876

There were also a few lights around, including an erie green light in town, and beautiful lights at the Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn, which was a welcome surprise when I got back.dsc06714dsc06723 dsc06726 dsc06720

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