Heritage Hobart

Hobart is home to more historic buildings than I’ve seen almost anywhere in Australasia, with few modern buildings other than a few fancy wharves on the waterfront and the usual hideous blocks in the city centre. It makes for a wonderful place to wander around and get slightly lost in, though is also probably a sign of the relative fortunes of Tasmania over the years.

Battery Point is a great place to start, both in terms of it’s density of heritage buildings, and as the place I first explored in Hobart, and returned to several times. There are the heritage Narryna and Markree Houses to visit, but plenty more to enjoy from the outside, many of which wouldn’t look out of place in the UK.dsc01127 dsc01143 dsc01145 dsc01142 dsc01134 dsc01121 dsc01243 dsc01236 dsc01148 dsc01250

Unsure if this is a heritage security wall!dsc01517

Heading into the commercial areas there are some nice facades demonstrating the age of the buildings, turn of the century Hobart was clearly the place to be.dsc01204 dsc01188 dsc01093 dsc01212 dsc01210 dsc01206

There are some impressive buildings including Parliament, the Masonic Hall, the former post office, the Mercury newspaper, and University buildings.dsc01263 dsc01220 dsc02076dsc01414 dsc01406 dsc01408

The Theatre Royal, built in 1834, is the oldest continuously operating theatre in Australia and has a sibling restaurant building next door.dsc01429-theatre-royal dsc01430

Of course it’s not all beautiful heritage buildings, as with any city there are some shockers!dsc02100 dsc02102

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