Hanmer Springs

An understandably popular spot two hours north of Christchurch, Hanmer Springs made for a good start to a ten day South Island trip. It was one of the few places I’ve not been to before down there.dsc_0075

The drive there through northern Canterbury was half the fun, can’t beat some nice hills…dsc_0030

…and beautiful rivers.dsc_0039dsc_0037

The springs are famous but not my thing, I preferred to walk up Conical Hill for a few nice views. Mt Isobel at three times the height would have been better but I lacked the time unfortunately.dsc_0067

The town itself is rather pleasant.dsc_0077dsc_0085dsc_0061

And a nice place to watch the sunset over the hills.dsc_0106 dsc_0102

Next step was the West Coast via Lewis Pass, the lowest and least dramatic of the passes over the Southern Alps, but still pretty impressive.dsc_0121 dsc_0126

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