Westport & Cape Foulwind

One of the main West Coast towns, Westport is well worth a couple of hours to enjoy some wonderful heritage architecture and the fascinating Coaltown Museum.dsc_0199 dsc_0177 dsc_0182 dsc_0186 dsc_0203 dsc_0205 dsc_0208

The public toilets were also pretty colourful.dsc_0194 dsc_0195 dsc_0198 dsc_0196

The town has had some tough times, reliant on mining and tourism, particularly since the Holcim cement works closed recently.dsc_0214

Not far away is the delightfully named Cape Foulwind (Captain Cook wasn’t too impressed with the weather when he visited), home to a lighthouse, coastal views and an underwhelming seal colony (might have caught them at a bad time, but not a patch on the one north of Kaikoura).dsc_0220 dsc_0218 dsc_0227 dsc_0235

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