One of the more pleasant places in a land filled with pleasant places, Akaroa is nestled in a nock of an extinct volcanic, now a beautiful harbour, an hour and a half drive from Christchurch.dsc_0918 dsc_0967

Built on the quality of it’s grass seed, it’s now primarily a tourist spot, and one of the more nicely presented examples in New Zealand. It’s French settlement origins are clear from the ever present tricolour around town.dsc_0952 dsc_0906 dsc_0890

The beach isn’t much but still a popular spot.dsc_0922 dsc_0931 dsc_0932 dsc_0899

It’s home to an impressive war memorial to the 115 men from Akaroa who died in WW1.dsc_0903 dsc_0928 dsc_0930

The most scenic (if twisty) ways to approach or leave Akaroa is via the Summit Road, providing epic views into the harbour and out to the coastal bays.dsc_0868 dsc_0880 dsc_0978 dsc_0867

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  1. Considering that the entire island chain is formed from tectonic forces, we are surprised there are not more active volcanoes. Though the fault line still rattles like recently. But all this results in such beautiful vistas. So envious you are enjoying it all!

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