Botanical art – November 2017

Some sketches from a weekend at Auckland Botanic Gardens, a repeat of a weekend course I did last year. It was a necessary motivation to get me producing, but I hope that self-motivation might kick in from here. I’ve got plenty of sketch books to fill…

The weekend was a perfect example of Auckland Spring, with rain for most for Saturday, and sunburn risk level sunshine on Sunday. This was nicely aligned with the course schedule at least, indoors on Saturday with cut flowers, and outdoors exploring the gardens on Sunday.

Had a fairly productive and varied Saturday working with two flowers to fill a few notebooks with pastel, watercolour, coloured pencil and pen pieces.

Was into it fully by Sunday, spending the morning in the South African garden with a Bird of Paradise flower, and the afternoon in the Potter Children’s garden with Foxgloves. Note that I didn’t remove them to draw, but half way through a coloured pencil sketch I looked up to find most of the plant missing. It’d been demolished by a couple of kids running past…

Rather enjoyed my weekend in the gardens, though more practice definitely required. Think I’m better at life drawing, here are some examples from April 15 to March 16, and April to November 17.


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