Running in Western Australia – Kalbarri to Yardie Homestead

Despite the increasing heat and humidity I managed to fit in a dozen runs, totalling over 70km, during my ten days travelling through Western Australia from Perth to Broome. Sunset and sunrise were the only possible times to run without getting heat stroke, and also offered the best views and light when the shadows were long, and the colours deep.

A nice spot near the mouth of a river, offering a beach to run along until I got annoyed with the sand, then a far more interesting and photogenic rocky section, complete with pelicans. I ran until I got barked at by a dog, quite a common experience when I go running overseas, and headed back through sandy tracks through the bush.

The main settlement in Shark Bay, home to a nice waterfront, though it was only 1.5km long so a couple of lengths of it didn’t take long. I had a nice sunset to accompany me though…

Coral Bay
A tiny place, home to only around 200 people, but one of the more memorable runs on this trip thanks to the combination of sunrise, unexpected crosses on a ridge line, three wind turbines, and endless sand dunes to run up and down.

Yardie Homestead
An initially unpromising spot for a run, flat, pretty hot even at 6.30am, windswept, and with seemingly no tracks, just the campsite and main road to run along. Heading out on the main road I turned left, for the only reason that it involving running into the wind, making the return journey easier. A kilometre up the road I found a sand road off to the right which I followed to unexpectedly find a turtle nesting area! Didn’t see any turtles but saw plenty of tracks in the sand, and a rather nice piece of coastline.

The next morning was even windier, spent most of the night with my tent attacking me, but a long day on the bus beckoned so needed to stretch my legs. Saw a dozen kangaroos outside the homestead gate, and the sunrise over my shoulder. Returning directly into the wind was hard work, 45 seconds slower per km than my pace heading out.

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  1. Beautiful photos, the light capture surrounding the simple man made structures, your long tall shadow pushing forward on the road, and the turtle tracks forming a sandy star! 😊

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