Western Australia from the road

Travelling through Western Australia is an experience, and a lengthy one given that it is the size of Western Europe. By road is most likely. other than a single passenger railway line connecting Perth and Adelaide, and some flights, there are few other options.

Like much of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queenland, the roads are generally pretty straight, and home to giant road trains and the occasional bus and car. There aren’t many traffic lights…

The landscape appears monotonous, with an endless expanse devoid of anything man made (quite refreshing), but for me it’s quite hypnotic and beautiful, particularly when you’re a passenger. I get a surprising amount of enjoyment from sitting on a bus writing, reading, and gazing out the window.

Karijini National Park was home to the most spectacular scenery.

The colours are unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled, with strong reds, greens and yellows.

There are a number of bridges crossing rivers, but none of the rivers have any water in them. This was about the only exception I found.

Further South the Wheatfields region was appropriately named.

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