Pakistan from the road

As expected travelling by road in Pakistan was never dull, with plenty of courageous / dangerous driving and colourful / unusual vehicles. Taking photos from a moving vehicle isn’t easy but hopefully these will give you a flavour for the place.

Well utilised vehicles were a common sight…

As were donkey and carts, particularly in towns.

And even an unattended donkey wandering along the main street of Mingora.

More unusual was this motorway with landing strip down the middle for fighter jets to use in emergencies.

Scaffolding in the more rural areas.

In the mountainous areas there are impressively extensive terraces, as people eek out a life in pretty inhospitable places.

Herds of goats were a relatively common sight in the mountain areas as they relocated down the valleys for the winter.

Motorbikes appeared the most dangerous to me, particularly when carrying three people, or these two young guys both eating ice creams while riding, tearing the wrappers off with their teeth.

Chicken relocation appears to be a popular activity.

Pakistanis obviously take pride in their vehicles, with everything from tut tuts to trucks to vans to lorries, decorated in a variety of colourful ways.

Wedding cars were also colourful as you’d expect.

The most colourful and ridiculous vehicles though were these passenger buses, absolute monsters of the road.

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