Hindu Kush – Mastuj to Hunza

Possibly the most spectacular piece of road I’ve ever been on (which is saying something), the scenery between Mastuj and Hunza through the Hindu Kush was consistently jaw dropping.

From Mastuj we saw the first signs of autumn (travelling in late September) with the leaves starting to turn.

I’ve never seen a landscape like this, with a glacial blue river supporting lush greenery at the base of the valley, which soon gives way to barren bare rocky mountainside.

We headed over the 3,800m Shandur Pass, where a lake added to the views, though the buildings probably didn’t. They’re home to an annual festival featuring the world’s highest played games of polo.

The views were even more stunning on the other side of the pass.

Our hotel in Kalti was wonderfully situated with views down and up the valley.

I’ll end where the continents meet, the Indian and Eurasian continental plates forming the epic mountains of the 500km long Karakoram range.

Author: jontycrane

3 thoughts on “Hindu Kush – Mastuj to Hunza

  1. Such stunning photos! Did you feel quite safe visiting there? Like could I go alone or should I go with a group?

    The Karakoram Range is the top of my mountain bucket list, would love to see them one day and trek to Concordia and the K2 base camp. Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

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