A globally important city, Geneva is home to many international organisations, including the Red Cross and a large number of United Nations agencies, plus many banks. It is disproportionally significant given its population of 1.25m people, less than my old home Auckland. I visited it on a day trip from Lausanne back in 2014.

The Russian Orthodox Church was the most eye catching building, built in 1863 and restored in 1966.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire was another excellent art museum, every decent sized Swiss city has one.

The notable Cathedrale de St-Pierre dates from 1160, though there has been a cathedral on the raised site since the 4th century.

There is some lovely greenery in Geneva, including the Jardin Anglais, an urban park from the mid 19th century with pavilions, and a sculpted bronze fountain.

To end with the Jet d’Eau, which reminded me of the similar water jet in Wellington harbour.

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