One of the largest houses in England, Knole is a 600 year old estate, owned by the Sackville-West family for over 400 years.

It sits within the 1,000 acre Knole Park, home to two different species of deer, though as a Site of Special Scientific Interest they don’t have access to the whole park.

Originally built as an archbishop’s palace it is architecturally interesting, and impressive with a number of courtyards, though only part of the house is accessible to the public. The Sackville-West family still live in part of the house, though the National Trust have owned the house since it was donated to them in 1947.

After passing through the first courtyard the visitor entrance to the house seems relatively modest, with antlers and statues outside.

The interior is very 17th century with some intricate woodwork.

The long gallery, where people could exercise by walking up and down without the risk of getting a tan, is lined with portraits of English monarchs and notables from across the centuries.

The bedrooms were particularly grand and lined with tapestries which would have been stunningly bright when new.

The interior is lavish throughout, from the floor to the ceiling, demonstrating the great wealth of the owning families.

There are some interesting objects scattered around the house.

The Gatehouse Tower can be climbed for views.

To finish with the attractive, and light filled, Orangery.

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