Penshurst Place

One of the most significant 14th century houses in England, Penshurst Place has been in the Sidney family for 450 years. It is a popular location for filming, including The Princess Bride, Wolf Hall, The Other Boleyn Girl, and The Tudors.

It is approached through beautiful gardens, though the grass was clearly struggling after weeks without rain at the end of June.

The original Penshurst Place was built in 1341, with the huge medieval Baron’s Hall surviving from then. The 20m high ceiling is crowned by a chestnut beamed ceiling.

Below is a cellar area with a portrait of Henry VIII, who is hard to avoid in English history. The house was gifted to Sir William Sidney, who had been one of Henry VIII’s courtiers.

Sir William Sidney enlarged the house in the mid 16th century to include apartments and the ‘King’s Tower’.

A few objects that caught my eye.

Heading back outside for more views of the house.

Round the back is the toy museum, home to generations of Sidney children toys, from the unusual to the creepy.

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