Things I’ve not done in New Zealand

Kaikoura peninsula
Kaikoura peninsula

After five years actively exploring New Zealand it feels like I’ve seen quite a lot of a relatively small country. Certainly more than most Kiwis it seems, though they’ve probably seen more of the UK than me. So it goes. There’s a few things I’ve yet to do though, some I may do, others I probably won’t…

Whale watching
Been down to the Kaikoura peninsula a few times and thought this would appeal, but thinking about the practicalities of spending the day in a small boat in often rough seas on the off chance of seeing something didn’t appeal. Read Leviathan, or the Whale by Philip Hoare instead.

Bungy jumping
I have zero desire to do this. Too much risk of messing it up and hurting myself, and I have skydived which was terrifying enough…

Waitomo Caves
Long day trip from Auckland, but the black water rafting does sounds pretty awesome.

I’ve been past it several times heading though Matamata and am a LOTR fan but $75 does seem a lot of money to pay to see some wooden doors in the side of hills, though the party tree does sound impressive.

Rainbow’s End
New Zealand’s only theme park, suitably scaled to the country’s population. Never been a fan of rollercoasters or fairground rides. Probably got here 20 years too late to really enjoy.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium
One of the few Auckland attractions I’ve not been to. The thought of paying $30 to see penguins in old sewage tanks doesn’t sound particularly appealing, though it is one of the rare Auckland activities that can be enjoyed on a rainy day.

Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach
I know. One of the greatest beaches in the world, and its cool to dig your own hot pool at Hot Water Beach (at low tide)… Really not that fussed though. Have seen a lot of beautiful beaches in New Zealand already, same same but different.

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  1. Hi Jonty

    I’m with you re whale watching. If you want to see penguins in the wild book an overnight stay at Tiri and go down to the beach at dusk. I used to stay there regularly and took my nephews and nieces there a few years ago for an overnight stay. We watched penguins trotting past us up the road on their way up to the ranger’s house at the top of the island, where they keep the ranger awake at night.


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