Notable stage props of 2015

These props range from the decorative to the integral, but months after seeing the shows remain memorable. Proof that imagination and time can work wonders with little or no budget.

A volcano – Ernest Rutherford: Everyone Can Science
Auckland’s favourite potential natural disaster played a starring, spectacular and marginally educational role in the life and times of a certain Ernest Rutherford, he of the $100 bill, impressive moustache and some business with atoms.

Whiteboards / blackboards – Manifesto 2083, The First 7500 Days of My Life, and Ernest Rutherford: Everyone Can Science
Clearly the most popular prop when wanting to explain basic concepts to an audience, from complex algebra to why killing people seemed like a good idea at the time. Bonus points for nearly causing the most random ACC claim of the year.

Clouds – Jesus Christ Part II
A wooden cross plays a more prominent role in the show (apologies for giving away the ending, but aren’t most sequels just reruns of the original?) but I liked the clouds, as seemingly the most / only substantial thing to exist in heaven. There won’t be any champagne or strawberries but it can be guaranteed to rain at some point, how very Auckland.

McDonalds happy meal – If There’s Not Dancing At The Revolution, I’m Not Coming
The best concealed prop of the year, but as the show is returning this year I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. Lets just say that it also involves some pretty funky dance moves, and an impressive temperature tolerance.

Stationery – Tiny Deaths
Not sure I’ll ever be able to look at a pad of A4 paper in quite the same way again, or the colossal squid in Te Papa…

Fruit, vegetables, and Sun Maid raisins – The Last Man on Earth (Is Trapped in a Supermarket)
How to humanise the food we eat, and put special meaning into the lady pictured on the front of your box of raisins. Bananas have feelings too.

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