Further afield – South American playgrounds

Early contender for my most random post of the year. Out of the ~3,800 photos I took in my three weeks travelling around South America I took a few photos of playgrounds which I thought were interesting in design and / or location. Here they are…

El Calefate, Argentina
A large playground, involving some beautiful woodwork (which oddly reminds me of the Flintstones), but in an empty and windswept part of town, with only lots of lamp posts and nearby flamingos for company.

DSC08996 DSC08995

Puerto Ayora, Galapogas Islands
Suitably animal themed though this was the only elephant I saw on the islands.

DSC01854 DSC01853

Puerto Natales, Chile
Nice waterfront setting, complete with glaciers in the distance across the lake, though only recently noticed that there might be a small health and safety issue with the red slide!

DSC00330 DSC00329

San Sebastián, Chile
In the only place to eat at the border, this is the most basic but seemingly most used playground, judging by the ditches under the swings.


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