Te Atatu Peninsula Harbourview Sculpture Trail 2016

Every two years the beautiful Harbourview People’s Park in Te Atatu Peninsula, 20 minutes from Auckland CBD, hosts a charming sculpture trail. There are 43 artworks on show, some easier to find than others. It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine, particularly if you join one of the free curator tours. We were lucky to be joined by two of the artists on our visit, explaining their pieces and how they relate to the environment, a key part of the brief to the artists involved. Tickets are $15 and the trail is open for the next three weeks until 28th March.DSC01274DSC01184 DSC01228 DSC01187 DSC01128 DSC01133 DSC01135 DSC01200 DSC01162 DSC01198 DSC01155 DSC01152 DSC01236 DSC01271 DSC01126 DSC01266 DSC01224 DSC01255 DSC01253 DSC01248 DSC01244 DSC01240 DSC01139 DSC01218 DSC01174 DSC01182

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