Georgian churches

Christianity came to Georgia in the 4th century, and they’ve certainly been busy since building churches. Georgian Orthodox churches tend to be pretty consistent in style, and there is a risk of “same same but different” after a while, but its hard to get bored when they’re as beautiful as this.

Gelati Cathedral, Kutaisi
My favourite of the ~20 churches I visited. It’s nothing particularly special from the outside, not helped by the repair work, but stepping inside was a jaw dropping experience. The cavernous interior was covered in strong colours and equisite art work.DSC06933 DSC06948 DSC06950 DSC06932 DSC06972Unusually there was a smaller church next door which was a half size replica of the Cathedral, complete a very similar interior.DSC07000 DSC07002 DSC07005Jvari church, Mtskheta
Dating from the 6th century, this is one of the oldest and holiest religious sites in Georgia, perched on a scenic (and defensible) hilltop overlooking the once Georgian capital of Mtskheta.DSC06740 DSC06772 DSC06747 DSC06763Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta
In Mtskheta itself this was one of the most impressive buildings in Georgia, a huge 11th century cathedral surrounded by defensive walls. The interior was equally impressive, and home to some of the holiest relics in the country.DSC06832 DSC06840 DSC06826 DSC06852 DSC06813 DSC06860Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi
So over restored that it lost it’s UNESCO status, but still quite a sight, particularly from the outside, up on the hillside overlooking Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia.

DSC07061DSC07071 DSC07058Cathedral Sameba, Tbilisi
Only 12 years old, this is a traditional Georgian church on steroids, visible throughout Tbilisi, with its gleaming golden roof reflecting in the sunshine.DSC08604 DSC08584 DSC08580 DSC08610 DSC08597Ananuri Fortress, Georgian Military Highway
Heavily fortified with a tower providing great views over the two churches.DSC08290Tsminda Sameba church, Kazbegi
One of the most spectacularly located churches in Georgia, high on the hillside overlooking Kazbegi.DSC08390Tbilisi churches
A selection of my favourite churches in Tbilisi.DSC08488 DSC06706 DSC06634 DSC06631 DSC06598 DSC06601 DSC06572 DSC06520 DSC06515 DSC06504 Subgeorg Church DSC06183 Alexander Nevel Church DSC06127 St. Peter & Paul Church DSC06181

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