Snowshill Manor, Cotswolds

Home for fifty years to a classic British eccentric, Charles Paget Wade, whose motto was “Let nothing perish”. Which becomes very clear when you visit the twenty two rooms of Snowshill Manor, home to ~22,000 objects, including numerous suits of samurai armour, musical instruments, spinning wheels, bicycles, Asian furniture, and endless clocks. The house itself dates from the 16th century and was bought by Charles Paget Wade in 1919 to house his collection, while he lived in the small cottage in the garden.DSC09119DSC09124 DSC09130 DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09135 DSC09143 DSC09156 DSC09164 DSC09165 DSC09167 DSC09172 DSC09174 DSC09177 DSC09179 DSC09182 DSC09183 DSC09185 DSC09192DSC09186 DSC09199 DSC09205 DSC09206 DSC09214 DSC09215 DSC09216 DSC09220 DSC09221 DSC09222 DSC09227 DSC09229 DSC09233 DSC09240

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